Complete Scooters

Complete scooters are not just for beginners. Many completes are up to the standard of more advanced riders, but they are less expensive than building a custom scooter from scratch. 

Complete scooters or “completes,” as they are known are a great way to get started or upgrade no matter what level you are at. Just as the name implies, you get a complete kick scooter that includes everything you need to hit the street or skatepark and start learning tricks!

If you're not totally sure which scooter is right for you, check out our size guide!

For tips on assembly and maintenance, checkout our guide here.


What’s the Best Online Store for Complete Scooters in Australia? Find a Scooter Set or Scooter Kits for Sale Now:

What’s the best part of having a scooter? Riding it, of course! That’s probably the answer you can expect from any kid who loves scootering, so why not buy a high-quality scooter your child can hop onto and start riding the moment they receive it?

Custom scooters offer plenty of control over aesthetics and features — but they can also take a long time to assemble, and some kids don’t have the necessary patience. If you want a lower-maintenance solution without compromising ride quality, you need a trustworthy source that offers complete scooters for sale in your area.

Brands to Know when Looking at Complete Scooters for Sale

Buying complete scooters is a task you should approach with a certain degree of forethought. After all, not every scooter that comes out of the box ready to ride is going to be well-made and reliable. That said, buying a scooter set from a store that curates their products is a sure-fire way to make sure your child will still experience plenty of comfort, safety, and fun with their new toy. Look for a business that carries one or more of the following highly respected scooter brands:

  • Envy: Envy have a range to suit all levels: Colt for beginners, Prodigy are Ideal for the intermediate rider & KOS targets the Pro Riders, these well balanced scooters offer excellent stability and are highly durable. Their high quality represents great value & makes them a popular choice.
  • Longway: Longway scooters come with high-performance in mind. They are often sought-after by more advanced riders, and those with an interest in performing tricks or stunts. Longway scooters are well-known for the quality of their bars.
  • Ride 858: Hyped up by some in the industry as “super scooters,” Ride 858 scooters have been conceptualised and tested by some of the biggest names in the sport: Kal Chandler and Jackson Bartlett among them.

Find them All (and More!) at Scooter Village

Scooter Village carries scooter kits for sale in all of the brands listed above — as well as complete scooters from other popular makers such as Ethic, Flavor, Havoc, and Lucky. Our team personally chooses the makes and models we offer based on our firsthand experience with the sport, so you’ll always be purchasing a product we’d be happy to use ourselves. Our attention to detail has resulted in countless enthusiastic Google reviews and testimonials from past clients, who are consistently impressed by the range of products we offer and our free shipping throughout all of Australia when you purchase any of our complete scooters.

Buying your child a scooter they’ll appreciate is easier when you let us provide you with some of the best available options. Reach out to Scooter Village today and speak with someone on our team! Tell us about about the rider you’re buying for so we can recommend a product that’s sure to be right for them. With our help, you’ll be able to put your kid on their new scooter the moment it arrives and watch their face light up with joy instantly.