Apex Scooters



If you are a serious rider, you are probably familiar with Apex, one of the most reputable brands that the pro scooter riders opt for when they want a reliable product. Apex is a top pro scooter brand that is known for its sleek scooter design and exceptional product quality. What makes them one of the most popular brands on the market today? The fact that they are designed for professional, advanced riders, and you don’t even have to break the bank to get one! 

Scooter Village is the preferred online store that is known Australia-wide as a premier dealer of Apex Scooters, Apex Pro Scooters clothing, and accessories. We’re known for our extensive range of professional scooter parts, which includes Apex scooter bars, Apex scooter decks, Apex integrated headsets, Apex brakes and other Apex parts. To be able to meet all your specific needs, we strive to regularly restock our offer with the brand's latest products and designs!



Why Apex Scooters Are The Best On The Market 

Smart Design For Professional Riders

We are proud to say that here, at Scooter Village, Apex scooters are currently one of our best selling scooter models. The majority of clients appreciate the fact that they are light-weight, especially in comparison to some other professional models. This makes them easy to control and enables pro scooter riders to perform any trick from their book. 

Long Term Investment

But an Apex scooter can be a great choice for a beginner rider as well. They are easy to use and will follow you on your path to becoming a pro scooter rider. Investing in one today means that you are getting reliable equipment to serve you for years to come. The high-quality construction and materials ensure that your scooter will be around for the long run, despite the stacks and impacts. This is also one of the reasons why professional scooter riders have a hard time saying goodbye to their very first scooter - they got an Apex Scooter the very first day they started riding, and it still serves them reliably. 

Quality Control

All Apex scooters are tested and proven by a professional team of riders and are the real deal. This only goes to show how dedicated the brand is to deliver top quality. Even though they rely on only first-class materials, the final product is tested to ensure it can withstand any situation. No Apex Scooter leaves the factory without undergoing quality test to see whether it meets industry standards, as well as riders’ needs. 

Design Created for Versatile Use

No matter which of the Apex Scooters from Scooter Village you go for - you cannot make a bad choice. They are created with all types of riders in mind - beginners, intermediate, and advanced - and will follow you on every future adventure you plan to take. Whether you need a scooter to help you perform some of the toughest tricks, or you just want a reliable and practical vehicle to help you get around the town, an Apex Scooter will not disappoint you. 

Why Shop for Apex Scooters in Scooter Village

Scooter Village shop, The Village, is located in Coopers Plains, Queensland. If you are nearby, we recommend that you pay us a quick visit and see some of the products we have in store, in person. This way you can feel the materials and test the products to see if they fit your needs. You can see first hand that all the scooters, clothes, and accessories are made from the finest quality materials intended to serve you for years to come. What sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we have an indoor skatepark where you can get a free session with your purchase.

It is also important to note that we employ only the most qualified staff who are also professional scooter riders. You can count on them to provide great advice and recommend the best product for your specific needs. Our employees are more than happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding the maintenance of the scooter you have or finding a new one that might better fit you. 

Our online store is an extension of our physical shop and it allows you to get one of the Apex Scooters from our offer even if you are not in the area. We have the broadest range of apex scooters available in the area. One thing that also makes our shop everyone’s first choice when it comes to purchasing scooters is the variety of parts we carry from the brand, which allows for customisation. Scooter Village stocks an enviable selection of Apex Scooters, Apex Scooter Clothing, and Apex Scooter Parts. With us, you can also get an Apex Scooter Deck, Apex Scooter Bars, and a spare Apex Scooter Brake. Whatever you may need, know that you are in the right place! Scooter Village is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest providers of scooters, parts, clothes, and accessories - and we offer everything at an enviably low price! 

More Than Just A Scooter Store 

But we are not just your average Apex Scooters parts distributor. Scooter Village regularly host local, Queensland and Australian scooter competitions which makes us an integral part of the industry. We want to be included in the process of revolutionising the way people see our scooter community and we want to take part in the development of new, state-of-the-art products that will help the scooter world grow.   

Our Recommendation to Include in Your Apex Scooter Customisation Plan

Would you like to personalise your scooter and have the meanest and most unique machine around? We recommend Apex decks for your customisation plan. They’re made from high-grade aluminium and come with integrated headsets. These decks are popular because not only are they built tough to endure the hardest crashes and falls, but they will enable you to interchange parts between brands, making them highly versatile. 

At Scooter Village, we advise every one of our Apex customers to give the Apex Deck 600mm a try. We provide them in anodised black and turquoise colour, but more importantly, it has enough foot space to balance and manoeuvre your scooter easily. Every component is CNC machined and bent and graphics are laser etched. The rails offer stability for grinding and the flat sides are perfect for finger whips. It’s rated five-star by customers as being a deck that makes every set up feel perfect and balanced no matter what bars you use.

Order Online and Ride Your Apex Scooter Tomorrow!

For Your First Professional Scooter, Go With Apex Scooters. The best place to get them - Scooter Village! You can quickly order the scooter you like via our website as we ship all over Australia and New Zealand. If you order by 2 PM, it will be on your address the next day! Furthermore, any order over $99 is free! 

Scooter Village is reliable and affordable - we are your one stop shop for all your scooter needs.