Scooter Size Guide

Author: Scooter Village  

Buying the right Scooter isn't always easy, lets help with your selection

Shopping for a new kick scooter can be a little overwhelming, especially if it's for the first time!  Making sure that your complete scooter is the correct size will ensure that your young rider is comfortable and will have the confidence to improve their riding skills & quickly learn new scooter tricks.  The Scooter Village is here to help you find the right size complete scooter for your young rider and get you rolling.


One of the biggest factors that will determine what size scooter is best for you is the bar size.  As a rough guide, we recommend that the handlebar height sits somewhere between the rider's belly button and waist.  Our size guide below gives more detailed information.  If the rider is quite young, it can be a good idea to allow a little room to grow so they get the most out of their new scooter.  It is important however not to go too big as it may be overwhelming for the rider and won't inspire the confidence they need. 

If you are in doubt about choosing the right height Scooter Bar height, just remember you can always trim the bars but you can't add it back on. Scooter Village can cut bars down to the height you require, just send us an email and we'll get your bars dialled before we send the scooter to you! 

Personal preference does play a large role in choosing a scooter size, however this size guide should give you a good indication of what to look for!  If you want to try a particular scooter for yourself to see how it fits, come in and see us at The Scooter Village!


Scooter Village Scooter Size Chart

If you need any help with choosing your new scooter Scooter Village is open 7 days till late, give us a call!