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Brisbane Scooter Store Scooter Village is Australia's newest online Freestyle Scooter Store dedicated to scooter riders packed with a great range of top branded Park Scooters and Pro Scooter Parts. We offer Afterpay & flat rate shipping on orders under $50 & FREE SHIPPING Australia wide on all orders over $50




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You’ve now been a rider for a while. You’ve learned the basics and dabbled with some simple tricks. Now you’re thinking about aiming higher, joining the pros. However, before you do that, you have to upgrade your scooter to be ready to take on new challenges and feats. Plus, it’s just awesome to have a scooter that can’t compare to anyone else’s. To build the scooter that pros dream of, visit our scooter shop serving Sydney, Scooter Village. We’re Australia’s newest and fastest growing scooter store in Australia. We’re an online store that’s associated with The Village, our physical scooter shop in Brisbane, Coopers Plains Queensland. If you’re in the area, stop by and see our popular quality scooters and parts plus test them out in our indoor skate park. We’re dedicated to supporting freestyle scooter riders by making sure they have the right equipment to achieve the results they want. Being pro riders ourselves, we know the brands, techniques, and skills that are needed to compete with the pros and win. If you need advice on how to maintain your scooter or what to get based on your interests and skills, we’re more than happy to help.


Our Scooter Shop in Brisbane Has Everything You Need to Build a Priceless Scooter That’s Only Yours


There’s a reason why we’re the preferred scooter shop in Australia as a whole. We stock a full range of the latest complete scooters and parts from the top brands that everyone is familiar with and the pros use. This is important to you because if you plan to build a custom scooter, you need a shop that carries a complete range of parts. It can be annoying and costly to shop around for parts, especially from different brands that might be questionable regarding quality and fit. Benefits in shopping with us are that we carry a wide selection to ensure you get everything you need in one place, and we offer fast and free delivery on orders over $50. Consequently, if you want to build a custom scooter from the APEX brand, you’re in luck. We carry a wide assortment of decks, bars, bar ends, deck brakes and more. You’ll get a solid customised scooter that no one can claim, and that’s entirely your style.


If You Need Your New Scooter Immediately, Don’t Let a Lack of Money Stop You


Don’t let money stop you from getting the pro scooter you want to start training for the top. Our scooter shop serving Melbourne knows how crucial it is to have the right scooter. Don’t settle with your old broken down one or buy another that doesn’t pair well with your abilities. We offer Afterpay, which allows you to have the right scooter now and pay for it gradually later. You’ll love that Afterpay is a no interest option. So pay nothing upfront, get your scooter and payment will automatically be taken from your debit or credit card in four equal payments for eight weeks. Afterpay can fund orders up to $999. Contact us today to get the scooter you’ve always wanted.

We’re a scooter shop serving Gold Coast riders and the surrounding areas.


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