Are You Looking at Kick Scooters? Get Advice from the Pros on Envy and Other Push Scooters with Free

There's nothing quite as thrilling or fun as taking your scooter to the skate park. Nailing that trick you've worked so hard to perfect can give you an adrenaline rush like little else does. Even just hanging out and spending time riding with your friends can be a recipe for an awesome time. Is your current ride looking worse for wear, though? Is it time for you to start considering where to look for new push scooters in Sydney? At Scooter Village, an online shop founded and run by pros, you'll find we've got everything you need to stand out and enjoy a professional-quality ride.

We've got loads of dialled scooters you'll love to ride

So, it's time to take things to the next level. What scooter do you choose? If you're in the market for a complete, all-in-one package, you can't beat the Prodigy by Envy. Built from super strong aluminium and featuring tonnes of pro-grade parts, it'll give you the flexibility and power necessary for those tougher tricks. With incredible looking colourways, you have plenty of options for standing out visually, too. Take a look at the "oil slick" pattern on the Prodigy. This shiny and multi-coloured design will catch eyes for sure.

When you choose Scooter Village as your store for kick scooters in Sydney, we can provide some customisation options for complete scooters, too. Are the bars on the model you want too wide, for example? Just let us know — take some careful measurements and tell us how you'd like us to cut them down to size. Just keep in mind we can't accept returns after a custom dial for your scooter! Are you taking responsibility for paying for your own scooter? Ask your parents for help with Afterpay, our easy option for getting your scooter straight away and spreading the cost out over time. It makes it easy to "scoot now, pay later!"

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Complete packages aren't the only thing we offer. Want to stand out from the crowd? Consider customising your deck to stand out from other Envy scooters around Sydneyby using our (huge inventory of parts and accessories). With the biggest and best selection of push scooters in the city and free delivery, it's easy to find a dialled ride that you can use to develop your skills. Want your new Envy even faster than our standard shipping provides? Scooter Village will happily send your order via express freight for just an additional $15.

At Scooter Village, we want to be sure you love the kick scooter you ultimately choose to ride. That's why the pro riders behind the shop are always here to help. If you have questions, or want to know more about how to pick a deck that will suit your body, contact us and let us know how we can help; we look forward to the chance to chat with you.