Buy Scooters Online Built Just for Young Riders and Beginners

Learning to operate a scooter isn’t just reserved for teens and adults. Your child can learn to ride now. By the time they’re a teen, they’ll be competing with the pros. That’s the goal anyway, right? However, even if your child wants just to ride a scooter, Scooter Villagehas a wide selection of quality scooters for beginners of every age.

We’re Australia’s premier online store for scooters and parts. Buy scooters online from top brands the pros recommend and use. If you’re not sure whether to buy push or trick scooters, we can help. We’re pro riders who are involved in the industry, hosting local and national competitions. Accordingly, we know what the right scooter for your young rider will be.

We’ll also offer sound advice on the safest scooters to start with as well as the necessary accessories and parts that go with them. If you’re on the hunt to buy trick scooters, we can recommend other essential gear, such as helmets, that will keep your child safe, no matter what stunt they attempt to pull.

Buy scooters online such as the Lucky DRC Crew. We love this scooter, especially for its style. Coming in black with neon yellow accents, it’s perfect if your child is learning their first tricks. It’s fully upgradable and you don’t have to get a new scooter later if you’re not interested. It features a reinforced deck and 110 mm wheels that are ideal for freestyle riding.

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