Top brands of Steel, Aluminium & Titanium Bars

Scooter Village has a great selection of the best quality Scooter Bars. Our Pro Riders & customers are constantly reviewing & testing the latest Scooter Bars from suppliers worldwide, they know what a quality bar should feel, look and ride like. We want the best for you & we know quality counts.

Scooter Bar height & width are personal preferences that can be different depending your size, experience level, and the kind of tricks you want to do. These preferences develop over time. Here are some general guidelines:

We recommend that you refer to a current pro scooter to determine the size of your new bars.
HEIGHT: please measure from the bottom of the steering tube (where the clamp is) up to the top of the horizontal cross bar.

WIDTH; a good rule of thumb is to use AT LEAST your shoulder width. Most riders add a few inches to the shoulder width to increase control.

Most complete pro scooters come with bars that are 530 - 600 high, and 460 - 560mm wide. This seems to be a safe range that will suit almost any entry level rider.